Sunday, February 14, 2010

Both Sides.

i really don't know where to start on this one but let me just say one thing...

when drunk, you speak truth. also when drunk, you do things you been wanting to do for the longest while, stupid or not.

one. today sucks. (they know exactly why) two, i'm still left hanging.


still here...waiting i guess. whatever..i officially gave up.

sometimes i wonder if i'll ever be up to your standards. if i ever compare to whoever you've been with and such shit. i wonder shit like this all i time.
also, i can't express how you make me feel is because i fear something. especially after the dream i been having this weekend (which i will never speak of even if you begg me.)  i don't know anymore. i'm hungry so to speak. i want this. really i do. again i know words are whatever now a days and DOING says it all. but my words are my life. it's how i get everything across. i need to be more of a "take action" kind of chicka + this being shy shit obviously isn't getting me no where....ooooo weeelllll.

- Janelle

enough on that shit, lets get down to it. the drunk crap i mean.
so i was around a lot of Drinks so to speak and when i get intoxicated i think X 2353495873945761239563249

call me a hypocrite, i could care less. heard that shit all before FOR REAAAAL!

at first i really didn't want to due to the fact that the last time i did, i was dead. aslo said things to someone i wish i didn't. but again "when drunk, i speak truth"
around this time i really didn't DO much. i didn't act crazy or pee somewhere other then a bathroom, i pretty much fell asleep or was in deep thought to the point where people around me thought i fell asleep. i thought about a lot. but do i really wan to say what i thought? not really. i'm not that open i've been told.

why tell people who i am, what's on my mind and what i feel i represent if they end up doing something i would have never expected or could care less about me?
we all make misatkes in our lives but at the end of the day we have to learn and grow from them...why are there spiteful people out there?

who's keeping you warm at night? or heavy heart?

P.S. STRAIGHT.POINT.BLANK.PERIOD.Straight to the Point. Blank out the situation after, then end it with a Period. :)

- Aubrey

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