Sunday, February 7, 2010

From The Heart

the words i never bared.
where's the time we spent together? i wanna show you that i care.

each time that i did something to make your heart cry out in pain, i wanna cut piece of my soul to fix the broken.
cause my heart also is where hope lies in.
i wanna feel what you do, i wanna fix it all.
i wanna be the one that catches your spirit every time it falls.
i never was able to find something like what i have right now.
you are something special, you should take a bow.
pure and simple. point blank period.
to be honest i can't remember the last time i've been this serious.

freeggggg, it's getting to the point where doing what i know best becomes a difficult task.
and i dislike that now a days it's my feelings that i mask.
my insides cry, pain is my neighbor , my soul needs soothing
but i can't write it on paper.
figuring myself out right now is like putting together a puzzle with missing pieces
but i bet you can already see this.

there's just one thing that i begg for, happiness in a cup
can't wait ti hold it, i'll just sip that up.

chugging is prohibited....

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