Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Help Wanted!

A person who's able to fix the most difficult.
This job requires a lot of pick & sort.
someone with soft hands and who also has a delicate touch.
you have to have extreme patience, don't be quick to put up a big fuss
this job requires a lot of time and effort.
once you start, you cannot abort.
by doing that, it may cause more damage to this "project."
you gotta be amazing at setting the moods and excellent at re-rooting
i hope this won't be a problem, but you gotta find enough time
every free hour, minute, second is mine now
you don't have to be addicted, just committed

do you know what you're fixing?

- Aubrey.


  1. broken hearts are always hard to deal with....but it's ok cuz im a doctor..looks like you got things under control(Let Go^) but i think imma go ahead and put my application in anyway!

  2. Awww *blush face*

    how sweet. and thanks.

    okay doctor ! ;)