Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whatever Happens, Happens.

for the past three days i been wanting to post something. but could never find the time to focus or the guts to write anything. I've been crying more then ever. i never been more scared in my life, for my life. i'm just worried that my mom will give me the boot. not having that. my birthday fucked. i'm not stepping up to the plate more. like shit.

i'm seriously emotionally drained. no one seems to get that. maybe two or three. one pretends to care. then the rest could care less. another thing. i dislike when a friend feels that their fucking issues are always a head of what you have to deal with. everyone deals with things in their own way and i have a friend who doesn't understand that. which brings me to this decision.

whatever happens with that, happens. i don't need that. apparently they don't either. but they seem well happy. aha....they're a joke to me still. just like how they were laughing when i was talking to them about some things...SMH 

oh well. my life smells.

- Janelle

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