Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Title

no it's not a blurb.
it's not classified as one...

it seems these days i'm thinking of all the things my cousins always told me since grade nine. it's really starting to slap the thing out my face for real! sigh, but as always, i have some sort of listening problem. if it's not the listening crap, it's the being too nice and not speaking up crap.

somebody shoot me...please?

i'm just too much of a nice person i guess you can say. i'm too much of a lover, not a fighter... but i know when to fight for what i want. after today, i really don't know what to think. it forever stays on my mind... i can't shake it at the moment. it's not the first time i'm hearing it either. but hey...that's life i guess...again.

i'll live.

you'll be sorry when i'm gone...

- Janelle&Aubrey


  1. I always wanna ask just what exactly are the things you speak on..because your stories are good!!

  2. why thank you.
    they just come from whatever i'm feeling.

    this is all mee.