Tuesday, February 9, 2010


He sits there, so focused
He’s alienating
every fiber of my being
But somehow it still has me intrigued
I can’t bare that it’s me, he doesn’t acknowledge
We’re total opposites, I’m liquid
He’s solid
He’s the hardest book I have ever read
But doesn’t have a problem letting me know
What’s inside his head
I could stare at him for hours, even days
Hear me when I say
This ain’t a little “crush” phase
This is something deeper then the ocean
The way he gets deep with me
puts my everything in motion
I’m stuck between infatuation
& constant temptation.
 His seriousness fills me up like an intoxication
this intoxication is my admiration

an old poem that i been wanting to post. i was kinda scared cause this was i think the deepest thing i ever written...at the time. i saw the picture and tried to say what i think she's thinking...

think i did a pretty good job. :)

- Janelle

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