Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Broken Dancer

I mean look at her,
the way the movement flows with the soft tone music.
you can tell she's letting it all show.
the passion filled with pain,
she just wants to feel happiness again.
she's longing for some true inspiration.
the great sensation.
tears fill her eyes with frustration.
she's sad.
you try to ask her why but, she continues to dance.
i guess it was just that bad...
she chants

"I wanna see the the light & i'm talking about the moon and the stars. the world revolves around my heart. traveling at the speed of sand, i just think about spending my life with you. you are my dream come true."

In shaggy white attire, she dances and chants these bitter sweet words.
hoping her feelings can become heard.
praying her beautiful movements are seen
no mistakes, it all has to be sharp and clean.
coming from a broken home, it's hard to find love.
she had it in her mitts and didn't want to give it up.
she dances in hopes that he comes back.

he hold something she lacks...

Written Sept. 2009.

- Aubrey

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