Thursday, February 18, 2010


i just don't wanna talk, i just don't wanna speak
hearing my own little thoughts is starting to make me freak.

T R U S T. . . ?
where are you?
i can't see, clear the smoke i can't pass through
steady kicking rocks up my way
but this? where can it really stay?
not here, i'm known to fumble
and when it happens, i watch it all crumble
my world, when someone leaves that i care about most.
they take a a BIG piece of me
then i become dim, never again can i just be
crying and smashing things,
biggest hobbies when i lose things

L I E S . . . ?
you enter like a disease
killing everything in it's path and taking away what's real
you faker then breast implants
starching the scars so they have no time to heal
the dirt
you don't care, you love the hurt

cause see that's what lies do. they take away the truthful pain you know you will receive
not knowing is some sort of relief
but the truth,
can so call set you free.

you pick.
clearly my mind is not really over this...

"Every body talks, and every body listens. But somehow the truth just always comes up missing..." - Drake

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