Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Does This Mean?

kso i had to get it out somehow. i have a feeling these won't stop for a while but i'm doing the best job by fighting it. why am i? cause i actually value this...

the dream starts off with everyone running around. this was back in slavery times. all the slaves had to run around this ship in order to escape the slave masters from killing them or throwing them off the boat. you on the other hand decided to help us. me and three of my sisters were so close to being caught but you knew where the good hiding spots were. we had this love for each other that it was kinda weird for the others to accept it. it was strong, passionate and real, no doubt. we had this moment that even in reality it felt real to me. while we were running we stopped in the middle of the run around and you held my face in your hands. you said nothing. i said nothing. all we did was put our heads together and kissed each others foreheads and hugged so tight that i had to catch my breathe. you told me that you would never let them hurt me. i told you i love you. you said the same. you wiped my tears away. i was scared obviously. i didn't wanna become shark food and lose the love of my life due to my skin colour. i grabbed my sister while you looked for the spot. took my sister and i out of sight. two minutes later you came back saying you found it but we'll be sealed tight cause it is a small spot and they would never suspect anyone hiding there. my youngest sister was the smallest. and my oldest sister was bigger then me. you and i are kinda the same size. so i'm holding your hand and my sister are holding each others while the youngest one holds the loop in my hands while i follow you. we make our way through a long narrow hallway to this black door. i push it open fast and push my sisters in and you push me in. pick a spot now you say. i picked this cubby whole box type thing and fit myself in it, you follow. i move all the clothes out the way, since i figure this is someone's room. a wife of one of the slave masters. my younger sister picks a cubby in the big closet. i couldn't see her anymore. i heart kinda panicked but she stuck her arm out to let me know she was still there. my oldest sister hid under the bed and put a whole bunch of clothes around her so it looked like no one was under there. you and i are in this cubby whole holding each other and scared. you're telling me everything will be fine and no one will find us. continuously wiping away my tears and kissing my forehead a million times to calm be down. i never held you so tight. we all hear footsteps outside the door, it became instantly silent in the room. i stop crying, i'm so scared that i can't make a peep. all of a sudden someone kicks in the door my younger sister lets out a sound. the slave master goes into the the closet and shoots inside till my sisters lifeless body falls to the ground. i start to cry silently and you hold my mouth so i made no noise. you begin to whisper in my ear to stop crying and that you love me. i can't control myself. older sister tried to run out the door. slave master shoots her point blank.then i flinch. i banged my knee on the cubby door and the slave master walks over slowly to the cubby and you tense up. slave master takes his gun and opens like cubby door fast, you jump up and take him down. i scream your name.

i wake up. tears in my eyes and all. i was tense and exhausted cause i never had a dream feel so real.
again what does this mean man. i'm tripping out cause yo, you'e on my mind. for the wrong reasons. is this my subconscious speaking to me?

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