Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quick Blaze Before Bed.

NO NOT WEED. blaze as in like a quick spill i guess before bed...

today was relaxing, hot at first then got super cool. it was nice. i enjoyed myself and got a cool tan. (well i like it) had two quick naps and chilled with some good people. more like fam you know? *smile*

but then i came home. to air that was full of anger and things of that nature. tried my best to fight it till six people came talking to me on msn that i wanted night from them at this point and time, considering the most amazing day i had. three talking none-sense on how they wanna kick it, one talking about his life, one showering me with compliments cause he digs me but i'm not into him like that, as a matter of fact not in anyway and one that thought it would be cool to have me lingering in something that wasn't basically there. lost feelings for me and never told me. whatever they all bitches. YEA ALL. i call them like i see them still. maybe if they change there ways i might change my mind for a second. anyways

so i'm guessing that's it since i didn't wanna give you 12 paragraphs.

till next time.

- Aubrey

P.S. All This (not what i wrote) Shall Pass. Days will come where people will feel the pain more then i felt, then realize they're mistake. either come running back or leave me be, either way it's your life and i'm not paying you any attention. also if any of my friends are caught up in any mess that involves my past and these people i address in any type of way that will make me feel a way, L O C K - O F F !

growing up never been this easy...

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