Sunday, June 13, 2010

Are You Serious Right Now?

i never felt this crappy when i made Andrew get stitches because i was swinging a golf club and ripped off his whole eye brow... yea i made a mistake. what you never gonna let me live it down? maybe you don't understand that i actually wanted to leave where i was and come see if you were okay. maybe you should consider the fact that when i'm angry i never refer to you as "some dude, some boy" cause i refer to you as "F A M I L Y"  but no, as soon as i make a mistake i'm the worse person in the whole but you can go around and fuck with my feelings as much as you want and i can't say shit right? cause you're mr. perfect. everything you do is right. every time i need someone to talk to you're there. every time i need advice, you're there. every time i need a shoulder, you're there. you're always there for me right? you never get distracted over the phone with me when i'm having a serious "heart to heart" right? i know cause you're the best friend i always dreamed of. i also dream of ruling the world in spandex...

you fail to realize that i'm who you take for granted ever god given day cause you think i'm always going to be there,  sad to say it's in my DNA to always be there for someone, even if they're a total dick like you. so snake? SO SNAKE? really now? i never check you when i hurt you physically? one time i never did and it's all the time now? you know my everything and i know shit about you right? what kind of fucking friendship is this if i have to drain myself to make you happy for five minutes. why do i have to use my body in order to please your every need when i can't have two seconds to let off some steam without it even being an issue. to some i may look like a complete bitch cause i fucking hurt you and apparently felt no fucking ways but yet i'm sleepless worrying about you right? i guess i'm the bad friend. i guess i'm the one wasting time. i guess i should go into my natural habitat and live where the weed grows huh? since that's all i am: "some snakeasz girl"

i swear when i'm gone eh? this time don't even think about picking up that phone and dialing my first three digits... my number will no longer be in service for you when i'm gone...

- Aubrey

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