Sunday, June 20, 2010

Twisted Mind

* i have these things. i hate calling them "dreams" or "day dreams" cause it's not like that in a sense. i think about something in words and just make it into a little movie in my head. i think i'll call them "flashes" or something, who knows but here's one i wanna share. 

explicit content
i want you to look her in the eyes like you did me
see her
i want you to touch her like you did me
feel her
i want you to lay her down and kiss her softly
show her you want her
get passionate
all the intimacy stops
something just clicked with you
something didn't feel right
you get off the bed
she asks where you going
she's thinking she did something wrong and gets all teared up
you don't care right now.
you tell her you'll see her tomorrow
she runs after you, you run down the stairs and fly out the door
you run, i'm on your mind
you gotta reach me, you gotta see me
i'm the one you think about
her who
you run to my place, you knock the door.
no answer.
but people are inside
so you turn the knob and the door opens
you hear my voice
it sounds like i'm singing
then you hear a voice filled with bass
a manly voice
you walk to my room
you see my face hanging off the bed.
i see you
i smile
but it wasn't a welcoming one
you continue to walk
you open the door
you begin to feel emotion
pain, anger, hurt.
broken is what you are

i'm fucking the enemy
your enemy
just like how you fucked mine
you enjoyed her
so i am enjoying mine

with every thrust i take it all in
while you just stand there and watch

still, i smile.

- Aubrey

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