Thursday, June 10, 2010

It Takes Over: Passion

the music takes him to a place where i could only imagine.
he's one with the beat.
it takes over his every being and he becomes something new.
music is in-tune with his soul
he eats, sleeps, breathe this passion
more then anyone i know.
comes up with an eight count in less then 8 minutes.
talented young man with a future to some seems miles away
but to me, right around the corner.
ask him what he wants to do.
first thing he would say is "Dance"
he's passion for this kinda drives me
never met someone who out their all into something we both love.

it's just passion you know?
a word that lives now in my vocabulary.

i feel my passion will come out more and more as the months pass by.
just love.


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