Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Excuse Me Sir...I Gotta Let You Know

excuse me sir but i can't help something
i can't help but look into your eyes.
so hazel, so bright.
tell me sir, do you ever hide behind those beautiful eyes?
please don't.
but i know you tell a story
you been through things i know
things you didn't deserve
people used you, they took advantage of what they thought was your weakness
you niceness and your caring-ful ways
but your eyes say soemthing, something of hope
something that your still willing to do even thoug you feel like giving up
yes i found it.
your eyes are too pretty to give off the giving up vibe.
but hey sir i just wanted to let you know that
i really think your eyes are beatuiful
and any girl with a beautiful soul, will be able to see you eyes and say the same thing i just said.

(maybe that says something about me *wink*)

- Aubrey

P.S. it was meant for someone who has no idea. *wink*

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