Monday, June 21, 2010

The Remedy

sit back and just unwhined.
just to let you know, i'm here to make you feel fine
my mission, to relax your being
i'm here to give you a satisfying feeling
i'm going to find what it takes to push your buttons
press away then set you off, begin this late night loving

"so where do we start ma?"

close your eyes
relax your shoulders, let the world rise
you've carried to too long
you've showed the world that you're strong
let me rub your body down, oils involved
massage till the issues are resolved
body wise i'm trying to un-tense you
by spending all this time with you
let it all go, let it all free
while we here, i'll take you to extacy
by my simple touches and manipulating your skin
i can erase what's deep within
drain the toxic waste stress brings
take so why you'll believe you had wings
don't escape me
i'm your remedy...

- Janelle

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