Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It Would Be Nice

it would be nice to actually wake up knowing i got someone to call just to hear they're morning voice and make them laugh a little, tell him to have a nice day and that i was thinking about him so i called. it would be nice to actually call him up on a rainy day and say "i'm in the mood for dancing...in the rain" he tells me he's down and swings by and we dance, we run, we laugh, we hug, we feel, we know, we see, everything, in the rain. it would be nice to actually just lay around tangled up in each other under a clear sky just looking at stars talking nonsense, but everything we say seems clear. we talk about our wants and needs, how we met and where we're going. it would be nice if he actually played in my hair. tell me it was amazing and natural even though it's a faded red colour now. it would be nice to actually fall asleep in his lap and he feels my face and tell me i'm beautiful when i sleep. it would be nice to actually sit in the sun with you. the sun kissing our skin. me hugging you from behind while we just sit and enjoy the weather. it would be nice if i actually blew bubble gum bubbles and you kissed the other end. have it pop on our faces and we pick the pieces off. we say eww every time we pick one off but it's still cute at the same time. it would be actually run around in a field of tall grass you chasing me while we fall over each other with every soft tackle, then lay in the grass and just hug. this would be nice....

all this would be nice
too bad it only happens with perfect best friends in movies who eventually fall for each other...

- Aubrey

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