Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blah Tip

yea i'm on that blah tip
everyone's always got they own shit to deal with
but people feeding you shit you don't know
you start to wonder and wonder
and it's like "yo, are you for real"

yea a way to grow up, big deal
may think we on some different level
but take a second to feel
been under a rock for a minute, now the sunshine hit me
and it's like heaven, rays of glowing light on my skin
you begin to trim the essence of the situation cause of the time and place
but yo, set backs come and they go
live life
deal with it
things are out of my reach and they just slip though the cracks of my fingers
shit happens
live life
deal with it
overall when i can't fix it
it's just a blah tip

take me for what i become and listen to the situation cry
it is what it is

move forward.
do what you feel best, i can live with it
so can you...

- A&J

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