Sunday, June 20, 2010

High Standards

it's something that you have that i don't fit.
high standards
you wanna chick like Nicki
big tits, phat ass
a chick would be luck if he even passed
pretty face, nice eyes
yea, something like that = your prize
flawless skin, 5'5, long hair
someone on your arm that will make the whole world stare
but me
aha! just a joke thing for you still
a girl you fuck around with just for the thrill
too busy ignoring the inside that the outside over shadows the best quality
that's what sets your high standards apart from me
you see i'm not the type who dolls herself up to be on some movie screen
no phat ass, average tits, so i believe
that i got what it takes to be the best without having to look my best
in my world it's like that
in your world it's glamor and blitz, that's where its at
no matter how bad i wanna fit your standards
there too high for me

but you fit mine cause i don't look for much...

- Aubrey

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