Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i love the fact he comes to me when he's confused and needs advice
i guess you can say it's like a difficult puzzle
when giving people the help they really need i don't need to think twice
cause usually i already know the answer like that
but with him it's different
he actually makes me think things over and makes sure it works best for him
i don't know
i guess it's his nature
i love it!

can i help the fact that i'm on this love tip with this dude? i mean i try to fight it all the damn time. i'm getting sick. it's not fair that the things i want i either gotta wait, or gotta give up on it. i hate waiting, but sometimes waiting is what hakes it all that fun. again some people might think that i'm STUPID or something but that's just me. i dare to be different. it's on my blood.

i wanna be everything he needs, everything he looks for in a girl. i don't wanna fuck him over like the rest because i tend to do things a little....different.
i'm all about doing right by people i care about most cause that's what matters in the end.

"do what's right on to others, and they would do right by you..."

Aubrey's Little Thing if the day was brought to you by "Inner Thoughts"
sometimes inner thoughts need to be released in order to have a clear mind...

P.S. i skipped 1st period for this... :)

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