Wednesday, September 23, 2009

They Sleep On Me

they sleep on me as if I'm the softest pillow of the bunch.
they think it's easy as 12 o'clock; picking lunch.
they sleep on me cause they feel I'm not great.
they skim through my all, then begin to hate.
they wish they had this gift i hold deep
they say, you wanna be like everyone else, just repeat.
i know I'm not as sweet as the next.
but what i do, is what i consider my best.
I'm here to share to who is willing to accept.
i bleed this passion, i do it in depth.
cut me open and watch me flow,
i do it all to let the real people know.
that I'm 'bout the craft & creation,
they sleep on me cause I'm not like the norm
i do whatever i can in a different form
being the same to me isn't cool, original
they take everything, judge it so critical.
let me do me and continue to sleep on me
cause when you're about ready to wake up,
I'll be so far ahead, you might as well do something crazy
like ending up dead.

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