Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She Thinks Friendship

she's always done now a days
sits in a gaze while the suns a blaze.
she has so much on her mind
does so much to pass off wasted time.
she ponders by the tele
waiting for these friends to call her celly.
she cries those bitter-sweet tears.
washes away that pain with cold-hard beers
no one knows about this life but them
the ones she goes to when she's major blem
she spills out the deepest parts of her soul
in hopes that the truth can make her whole.
she runs her finger tips across those blood-shot chapped lips.
she's really focused. so into it
by it i mean thought. the pain that they brought
friends? she doesn't know the meaning.
but then again it's true friendship she's seeking.

i think she needs to start believing...
in the good of these friends.
a few have her till the end
at least that's what they say.
she settles with their word anyway...

see that's what a true friend does.
sticks by the one's just because
because she feels without them life in incomplete
no one wants to be a loner on these streets....

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