Monday, September 14, 2009


How could you lead me all this way and then cause me so much pain...

these words and a coupe more like, lonely, sad, mad, confused, out-of-sync, old love, mistakes, mess-ups... and so on just "ring" inside my mind.

he goes on to tell me all these things "i love you" "i'd do anything for you" shit along those lines.
i'm messed cause i'm basically torn. torn between love and (the word i hate) lust.

do i truly love you or the fact of just being with you?
the same question goes out to you...
can saying "i love you" change someone's state of mind, especially if you really mean it?
cause i know when i dish that word out do different people i mean every letter of those three words. this si not something i take lightly and people do not understand that about me. there's time for laughter and jokes, then there's a time to state facts and be real. I don't wanna be misleaded into something i know my emotional state cannot handle. i've been through it enough...

i don't know, i'm just venting i guess. there's way more "ringing" in my head.

but that's a little for now...

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