Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm Just Doing Me...

trying to be something I'm not is a thing of the last.
tryna make this glass at least half.
but why wait till it's half when i can make it full.
+ this life & - the bull.
music is whatever now,
swag ain't all that great.
emotions are what i love to hate.
rocks the nerdy specks because I'm on my own flex.
got this mind set where i can be the best.
fuck what these people say.
being the same was never my way.
fitting in?
better to stand out!
typically quiet, but imma shout.
haven't really expressed myself in a minute.
so I'm talking the opportunity to do it.
to kill it.
to be it.
taking this time to really spit?
dude, I'm never like this.
I'm I'm liking the change.
good to take things out of my life and re-arrange....

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