Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Day...

another day, another wonder.
my mind is a rain cloud, and you cause the thunder.
scared with an adrenaline rush exploding all around.
but where are the answers? no where to be found.
i'm tired of the hoping, wishing & the praying.
i'm tired of it all. i'm just saying.
you see what's in front your face.
you try to live it at your own pace.
you take it for what it is no matter how much it hurts.
something inside wish it could reverse.
another day, another time to deal with this mess
i call it mess because it causes stress.
as always i'm told one thing, then someone does something different.
they tell you it's okay, it's legit.
suure it is someday you'll gift me the gift.
why waste my time on something that will happen when it's too late.
another day standing by the gate?

Another day to truly fall in love....

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