Saturday, September 12, 2009


so i was on twitter and Jake from the singing group called Brutha twittered this amazing....(can't find a name for it)

Check it:

Ever been in the mood to just make luv? Good, quality, long, sensious, passionate, deep, breath taking, wild, jaw dropping, outlandish, bedrockin, toe curlin, screamin, hair pullin, slow jam playlist playin, finger nail scratchin, monstrous, animalistic, unbearable, life changing, hamstring cramping, moral releasing, incomparable, mentality altering, backbreaking, soakin wet, steamin hot, record breaking,

again....amazing. who comes up with that? in my opinion, a person who made some good love in their lifetime.

i wanna experience that. but for now, it's virgin life. :D

P.S. not a lot of girls can't say they're virgins. i'm one of the lucky ones :D

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