Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Could Be Something...

i know it's probably nothing big at all but it kinda gave me a rush. he was holding my hand at the time. it was weird in a sense but at the same time, relaxing. i had my headphones in and everything. usually music effects my mood so Drake's "Something" came on while he was holding my hand. then we started running, that's when Drake came in singing "Falling to fast, clearly rules don't apply. can't believe that i just met you. You got me here, watching minutes pass by. wondering when to expect you..." to me this means something. hearing this while he was holding my hand, and we're running, I'm staring it him got me thinking... "why have i decided to fall for you even more now then i did before?" when i try to explain myself to others what I'm feeling it's like I'm making no sense cause I'm sooooooo like, over-whelmed. the amount of passion and desire and feelings that walk across the sand on the beach in my mind with your name really leaves me feeling...well kinda good. you leave footprints with me and it's like they never wash away. i think if they did, that would be the end of now i feel about you in that way. "There you go, is this a dream? looking like every picture that i seen of you before..."

i guess you can say I'm not confused anymore but, I'm not going to wait forever. do you think I'd find something better? well i don't know. that's what the future holds but for now, I'll travel on this journey with the feelings in my heart & the smarts of my mind. if you really think about it, that's all i really got.

- Janelle