Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can Dreams Become A Reality?

as i lay my head down to sleep, the tears fall from my eyes.
i lay there and cry, time flies by.
finally i fall asleep and begin to dream
was it real? so it seemed.

she sits at the edge of the big fountain at the end of the street. she stares at this picture in this gold frame with tear drops on the glass. as she begins to wipe, someone places their hand on hers and help her wipe the tears away. "i'm here to help" the man says. she looks at him, tears still stream down her face and says "can you wipe away the pain?" he smiles at her. she closes her eyes. he begins to lean forward and kisses her on her forehead. "the pain should be gone now." before she could even open her eyes. she was at home sitting in her couch holding the picture and a teddy she received. wondering how she ended up here she begins to cry again. "these dreams feel so real, is this a sign or something?" as she whispers to herself there's a knock on the front door. she looks through the peep-hole and sees nobody. as she's about to turn away she hears another knock. she opens the door. standing before her was the same man in her dream.

he greets her with these words:

"As I lay you down
let Heaven hear your cry now
After giving love your all
your lost without a you think you are
the ones that is far apart will soon join in peace & love

she reaches out to touch him. then he disappears. she looks at the picture that still clenched in her hand and sees that is has changed. not the picture it once used to be. the picture she once knew was of her first true love and her holding hands while the sun kisses their skin. the picture that she sees before her is of a beautiful girl standing with purple and pink roses. the girl is in a wedding dress. a man in a black suit stands at the end if the isle waiting for her. they're both smiling.

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