Sunday, August 15, 2010

Will Never....

hot breath with a hint of mint, faded eye shadow and mascara marks dance on my eyes
i'm tired. yesterday's feelings with this mornings laughter linger on my face
a mixture of the two. and a feeling i can't erase.
i'm shook up, yet totally excited because this experience was more then i could ask for.
finally i got what i wanted this summer. a chill day with the people i care most about.
Drake filled car. not that new ish he talking now no, the actual stories he spits.
relate some how to all of them. putting in a trance in the back seat i feel light as snow flakes.
looking out the window but not really looking outside. more like me, in my mind pasting my life in the sky.
the window was my outlet for the moment. as soon as the car went in drive, the memories vanish.
they fade but only to bring up feelings of hurt and wanting. sadness and dis-likeness towards his actions
why should i care? we young, stupid and experimental. too bad i was the lab rat and you were the doctor waiting to test.
then i switch. looking up at the stars puts me at ease. shooting stars poked there amazing bright faces. and i managed to get a quick wish in. sitting with my brothers feeling their sadness and slowly relating again.
you bare your everything and have someone throw it out like last nights leftovers. hoping to God that they finally see what they been missing, what they been craving. but me only knowing and basing my actions on his reaction is vital for my breaking heart. then boom. my mind faces me with the reality that this...will never...

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