Monday, August 9, 2010

Missing: Aubrey's Heart

it's about as big as a fist and it's faded purple-ish in colour. it's has a few tiny cracks and some rough patches but it's still a heart nonetheless. not really pretty to look at considering it looks like someone glued it back a couple times from dropping it. it also has tiny holes from missing pieces but you'd have to look at it very close up. other then that it smells like lavender with a hint of lemon.
return it to Aubrey.

- Management .

i wanna thank Management for taking the time out to put out the missing report
but here's the thing.
if you really do find that heart.
go to Egypt and throw it in the Nile.
i say that heart cause it's no longer mine. i dislike that heart because i put it through too much, it needs a better home cause if i take it back now, i'll live with it in vain. i won't listen to it...
broken mind + broken heart = destruction. i barely did right by you. some say you're the biggest lair so your cries fell on my deaf ears. so now i think it's safe to say that heartless is the way to go right now. at least if i get hurt after all this...won't feel that much pain where my heart should be...just numbness....

- Heartless Aubrey

P.S. this heartless thing is a permanent thing. 

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