Friday, August 20, 2010

Hey, Can We Talk For A Sec?

okay let's get one think clear.
no disrespect thing, i'm being real.
if you feel happy here, then tell me who am i to stop you?
if you feel at home here. who am i to make you feel you have to move?
okay okay cut the similarities.
real shit, nothing will cut me more then seeing you smile here and feel like everything couldn't get better here
but at the end if the day if being happy here brings you joy and happiness.
then i'm happy.
i want nothing more then for you to be HAPPY.
that will make me happy.
i may not find happiness in myself, but if its in you. then hey
why should i complain?
i love when you have a smile on your face.

but enough about this man...go go just be happy.
you never considered my feelings, why consider them now?
they were never important cause i have no feelings on this.
you wanted this more then anyone. now that your face to face with it
do not let my feelings effect it.

i feel no ways on this cause my mind is at another door step.
someone else can have a crack at my safe.
time to crack at yours.

talk over...

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