Wednesday, August 18, 2010


seems like a broken record play over and endlessly
why do thoughts come back around in the forum of you?
only to think about this passion then get lost within it, beginning to lose myself in it.
it all comes down to you.
this will make me, break me, misplace me...then try to find me

so i think

you see your a sugar coat
i figment of my wild imagination
i think, yet i feel this fib i tell myself
"things will happen, it will go my way"
only to get shot down and betrayed
by not only the subject, but also myself. you see i sit here and believe in something
that everyone can see happen but the two who are well off in it.
one chooses to agree, while the next...well can't see
can't see cause its not where there head is nor will ever be
one has faith while the other, could care less...they're heartless
that word stings. heartless.
how could one be so damaged to become heartless
romantically numb
emotionally limited.

i thought i could never see myself in that state but the more i re-live the moments that took me to that place
the more i digg within it to find a peace for myself
my mind takes me to so many places. all figments of imagination.
i have faith within this walls only to fall into reality like rain falls from the blue sky
the hidden truth comes crashing down and in an instant i'm blown away by things that i wish weren't true
things i feared, things i prayed the opposite for.
i didn't want this. i didn't want the pain you inflicted, but i greeted it with open arms
it was too familiar so i was drawn to it like shopaholics are drawn to sales.
so is this my fate, is this where my stop is?
this world that i feel i now have to embrace?

you drove me to this place.
so when will the next one be my escape?

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