Saturday, August 7, 2010

What If...Right Now?

What if i kissed you right now?
would it come as a shock, would you turn away
or would you embrace me like we all embrace God gift of today?
what if i kissed you tomorrow
would you enjoy it? tell all the home boys: "yo me and her finally on it!"
hey what's if i kissed you next week

would it take your breath away so you couldn't speak?

what if? what if?
what if i held your hand, took a walk to the calm place and kicked up sand?
what if we laid in the sun, in silence just watching the clouds pass us by
or what if there was cotton on the ground and the nights got colder
we were chilling with a  group if friends and one said: "yo i think it's time for you to hold her"
they wouldn't have to say it twice cause you knew the time was right

i would wonder what if's forever
but just holding you down i feel would be better.

- A.

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