Monday, August 23, 2010

In Too Deep

yea i don't think now he understands how deeply i feel for him and his safety
i understand that he can handle his own cause i seen him do it, at the same time i'm willing to help
now i'm in love
not a shallow "in love"
but he feels deeper than anything
he may not have me on some levels, but overall he cares period.
the one i call close.
even thinking about this whole thing is moving.
i never had a friend like this.
him and i been through a lot. he may not think so.
but this was a roller coaster. a big one at that

this just goes to show me that i'm seriously in too deep
i'd put my life on the line.
and i never put my life on the line for anyone but my mom.
but there's just something about this that i want sooo bad. and it kills.

cause i'm in too deep...
doesn't ever seem like anything will ever happen on those levels of love...

- Heartless Aubrey

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