Monday, August 16, 2010

Pick One. Either Way They The Wrong Answers (So They Say)

i write because i can
i express cause it's needed
i keep things bottled up and they say that's wrong
but when i wanna let everything out, they say: do it with caution.
why should i have to be limited on what i want to let out and what i wanna hold back?
why should i have to hold my tongue in silence just to spare others when they don't think twice about me?
do you want me to yell at you? do you want me to cry? do you want me to just do nothing and stand by?
i let it out, i get questions, i keep it in, i still get questions
i have my own way of being heard and not being heard.
i have this thing were i WRITE. i feel that when i do i shouldn't have to hear you.
i shouldn't have to vibe you out, and read what you gotta say without eve saying it.
i shouldn't have to prove myself to anybody but the most important three.
i write cause it makes me happy. i write to set free whatever it is what tends to keep me heavy

my feelings

i let them loose cause they are wild.
they are crazy, they are fierce.
they are dangerous.
that is my poison. it's what kills.

so let it out, or bottle it up?

- Hope

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