Saturday, August 21, 2010


you know when you sleep, that's when you look most peaceful?
i talk to you, did you know that?
i whisper into your ears the simplest things that come to mind
i tell you how much i care
i tell you that your dream will soon come true
i swipe my hands across your forehead and smile at you watching your face twitch
you do a lot of things when you sleep, i hold your hand
when i speak, you face me.
i say "i love you" you smile
i kiss you, you squeeze my hand
i stare at you.
you roll over and hug me
we hug each other.
i begin to fall asleep but i hold myself together.
when you wake in the morning, you wonder why i sleep longer
i feel i should be the one watching out for you
keeping the harm away.
if there's a bad dream along the way, i should be the one you roll over to, i should be wide awake
finally i wake up, i ask you how your sleep was.
you say "i had the weirdest dream"
i ask you to explain
you said you had this dream. you were being pampered.
like a guardian angel was taking care of you're every need...

- Aubrey

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