Thursday, April 15, 2010


i'm so fucking tired right now, i'm swaying from left to right in this computer chair right now with my eyes closed. aha!

i noticed that when i'm away from home i sleep like i never slept in years. all day for the whole time being where i'm at. i only get up if A) everyone's going out B) everyone's going out to get food C) to get food out the fride D) shower or use the bathroon to pee or pushing my teeth.

other then that i'm sleeping my life away
i lopve sleep
but don't get enough of it.

i decided to write that to kill some time and to make it seem like i'm workinbg in class. plus i'm extremely borred.

the only think i'm looking forward to today is to sit in the sun with my shorts shorts behind the school and watching the clouds go by. i love sun

- Janelle


  1. Wow, I wa slooking at sun images today on Google..was gonna show Drake