Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sad Story

i will never know what real love is because love in my brain-washed mind is tainted.
someone real will come my way and i'll begin to push because of all the pain previous ones brought.
every single one of them have brought pain in their own special way but overall somewhat similar.

they should be thankful. they destroyed what little hope i had, and shattered a heart that will take a years to put back together.
in my younger years i use to hear "your teen years is what gives you an outlook on life later. those years make you who you are"

i'm hurting, suffering, struggling, fighting with myself.

yet soon will be at peace.
this too shall pass.

- Aubrey


  1. Girl boo. My mom always says you have your whole life" (whenever I go out) "to be wild and out and having fun, you need to focus on school"LOL.

  2. i'm hurting, suffering, struggling, fighting with myself.

    me too, that's why I smoked a Black today..

  3. oh i'm focused on school, real focused.