Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just For A Second

i went back to the old post stuff
and i read every single one over twice, yea i had time
and it was basically a roller-coaster

why do i think that everything is somehow my fault?
deep inside i want... you
never come to think if you were ever on my level of emiton
but i'll never know

hate to admit but you remind me of what i used to know
the box you can never open
the missing puzzle piece that stays lost forver
the love that was lost
you get nmy drift

i can seriously and honestly say i never wanted something like this
but for a second, i pictured what it would be like to let it all go
where would me feelings be if i let it all go

what if you let it all go
where would your feelings be?

baby it's sad to say, i know that it was you that made me feel this way, never thought it be the day that i....

i don't even wanna finish that lyric because i can't stop...loving your silly ass.

it's funny how someone so heartless still has all these feelings and emotions still trapped inside

i'm kinda happy about it. :)

- The Aubrey That Will Break Fre From This Emotional Jail


  1. You are a liiittle in love with Kaoxe

  2. Kanye. Have you heard a song called Little Bit by Drake? It's crazy. "But yoUr on my mind, my mind, my mind, my mind, my mind~"

  3. of course i've heard that song

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