Monday, April 12, 2010


i decided to go...why?

so i left Thursday night excited for my gramps 70th birthday. "yes i'm legal down there, sip some juice and chill in the French fry air." you know? i was like this is going to be a liver weekend. yea it was going well. got annoyed couples times cause of people being dicks but family is family. love them regardless of all the shit that is said. right?

got lost on the way but hey, that's normal. but i realized something. on how to mature, and change my ways. if it hasn't hit me before it sure did this weekend. but it's kinda hard to explain. just seeing how older folks act make you not want to be like that. so you decide to work on yourself 10000000000 times harder. you really do learn from other peoples mistakes.

and another thing. i don't understand why people don't get that other people can change. sure people have made some fucked up mistakes and yes no one is perfect like God so cut people some slack here. they are tryna change their life and go on the right path, but by you bringing up their past, how will they get the change if they're only seen one way in people's eyes?

on a family note: 
i've always been told there's a lot i don't know. stuff i don't need to know. but if it has to do with me or someone that is in my family that i know a whole lot, shouldn't i have the right to know?

overall these last two days were something i never want to re-live. it's more then i make it seem but too much to dish out.

whatever, it is what it is. people just don't get themselves sometimes either. damn retards.

- Heartless Aubrey


  1. Damn, this one long. So you tellin' me I need to hurry up an let the WHOLE fam meet Drake? He slow playin'