Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Screaming F**K THE WORLD

kso i don't understand why people always gotta think about what i've done way back when and base all that shit towards my character.

i'm sorry but can't people change?

i never been so mad to the point where i wanted to crash my fams car on the high way. "smile, you take things to personal" she says. how else am i suppose to take it. yeah i just love when people shoot down my pride and piss all over it and call it a damn day. it;'s what i truly live for. i don't like blaming people cause it's not my place but i seriously put this on my dukes still.

time and time again i say "people do not have to know what i do cause at the end of it all they're not in my shoes and people are way to judgmental. i guess you want people looking at you a certian way but i don't want people to get me wrong"

it's always this "Janelle never cares about anything but herself"

goes to show you actually know me.....

woke up this morning screaming fuck the world i had way to much to deal with since the year started.

especially after 5:39 's call
my heart officially died this morning.


- Janelle