Friday, April 30, 2010

Something I Thought You Should Know...

i'm a softy, yet can toughen up (takes a while)
i'm an open person, yet closed (when i wanna be)
i'm full of art, passion and soul
i'm in love with photography, a sleep with writing and my side thing is singing & dancing

style is my hidden talent, no one knows.
i'm a child of originality  and genuine is my god mother
Authentic is my god father
my best friends are: Ipod, Computer, Bed & Fridge.
curly hair is my weakness, pretty eyes melt me. chocolate is my satisfaction.

putting trust in others...i find pins in my eyes easier to do. anti-social? getting there sadly.
but i love making new friends and talking to new people is easy
if i get to know you and i don't like it, it will show on my body language
if you're annoying, i will not speak to you, anywhere.
i hate people that only talk to me when they need me/want me to do something. do it yourself.
i don't flirt as much as a use to

low-self esteem, is what i have. i wish it wasn't as low as it is...i don't even remember me having a high one.
i wanna be bigger then...well i don't know. i know i just wanna be big.
i want to be happy, forever.

i also wanna live on my own. mother who?

father, i love you! ♥

- Aubrey

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