Thursday, April 8, 2010

Confusing Ish...?

when i woke up this morning, i thought of the same things that you do. (oh you know)

i want it.


i sat in a daze, the sky was a deep blue but it wasn't bright. it was like 6 or something.
for the first time i woke up with someone else on my mind and it scared me shitless. my friend told me dreams are like something that a spirit is trying to show you sometimes, especially if you're having the same dream over and over.

that dream kinda ended today.

Go back to what you know
Go back to where you know your heart is girl
Just be honest
(This is impossible)
This is impossible
We'll never work cause you don't want it girl
You belong with him so go back to what you know

but what do i know? pain, lies, and such crap. aha! i'm not the most perfect but i know what good and what's not. i lie, i give pain. don't we all? not as often and most of the time not on purpose. when it came down to young blood i have never called that person out, cause i'm not them, they're quick to call others out cause it's what they do. as for me. quiet as can be when it came to that situation. blah.

as for you. there is no you. people all up in my ear wax saying this and that. but they never knew the story behind it all. will they ever? i doubt it. i'm zipped. stomach full of pain, heart full of cracks, mind full of poison. i'm feeling to do something crazy with the deceiving cause it's what i know right?

he's the reason why i can't find the love that i'm needing and it kills. 

you really wanna know the real me. put my heart back together and in it's rightful place.

- Heartless Aubrey