Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Night

was a drag.

i went to bed right at ten and got no sleep. i was about to fall asleep, then my alarm clock woke me...
urgh, i hate when that happens. i also went through every song on my ipod. all 632 of them...
then that song came on...i didn't even sing it. i skipped it. reminds me too much know.

first time i cried in my bed since...well since a while, cant remember the last time...then suddenly a fuzzy feeling came over me. can't really describe it.

then all these old memories and old strong feelings came back and i couldn't control myself. the last time i cried this hard was when i ran away...i think

couldn't take it. i rolled that shit and smoked it out my window in my room. even though i'm not allowed to do so cause i'm in training i did anyways. help set me at ease for 4 hours. such a good thing my mom didn't come in my room mlike she usually would have. *sigh* plsu the smell wasn't that strong, and knowing her she'd think it's coming from outside cause we usually smell it all the time now a days.

just the haze, me, and my ipod. kicking it last night.

it was something different and i didn't care. i had no care. it was amazing, i enjoyed it.

- Aubrey