Monday, May 3, 2010

...I Just Can't Explain This Shit At All...

...I Believe In People Like You..

random, kinda.
gave myself time to think and re-think everything
and...nothing. cause all i was really thinking about most of the time was prom...and shoes... sigh.

okay gave myself more time.

i'm just hurt, okay more then hurt.
not even doing what i do best, which is flirt,
can pass time and make me feel like everything was one big lie.
on my part. well sorta. never spilled cause it wasn't a big trill
to me, obviously.
didn't think it would hurt a soul, or the hand that i'd kill to hold
guess so.
sick of hearing little sayings that ring so clear
everything is falling out of place, everything that i kept near
what seemed to me, will fit into that fucking sad book called
memories. yea yea, memories.
now they can't escape the thought of me
and you
just us....two. you know?
what was i thinking, now i'm beating myself up for misleading.
it's not me, so why did it come about?
i'm a fuck up, did you ever have any doubt?
i don't know what to do, say or think
because behind every solid blink

a warm tear falls, and hits a hard, cold surface...

- Aubrey


  1. Girl, just stay in school. My mom is making me do summer school so I won't be 25 when I graduate since all my classmates finishing school. That is what she said! Make your mom proud! And be proud of yourself!! BLACK BY NATURE, PROUD BY CHOICE..that's what my Charles Taylor shirt say7 :p