Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Don't Know

i'm just gonna lay back, roll this stack 
cause i have no idea what i'm doing.
i'm going to light this blunt, scream to myself i need to stop this front
cause i have no idea what i'm doing
i'm gonna tell my moms to pass me a bottle, take it to my face till my eyes start to wobble
cause i have no idea what i'm doing
i'm gonna forget all my troubles, then add a few more to make it double
cause i have no idea what i'm doing

gonna grab my keys, mama is beggin please
tell her not to worry, i'll be home before 7:30
slide down the stairs, cause i'm lighter than air
push that key into the car door, sit in the driver seat and play "no more"
cause on some real shit
i don't know what i'm about to do
eyes fucked period
tears flow near the end
i drive off into the darkness
flashing light, bitches walk the night
looking for quick bucks
even a few tried to holla but i left them like sitting ducks
i'm drunk, i'm high, i'm fucked out my mind
all over some little issues that can be solved over time
but no
i don't know what i'm doing
cause i don't know anything
i'm no better then the next bitch
the one that stares at herself for hours
the one that takes long hot showers
till her skin becomes sensitive to the touch
sits up hours every night wonder why
look to the sky...staring so hard it leaves prints in her eyes
the past life she lived seems so far away
in this life, everything that comes is never hear to stay

i keep driving and driving into this dark, cold, foggy place
now i'm really fucked up
cause everyone here has no face
no ears no eyes
they can't sense the evil, here is where it lies
i'm panicking wondering what to do
"go home sis, this is what i tell you"

you see my sister, my sister did this too.
hearing my sisters voice echo
i'm shocked it rings true
"don't follow my road, take something of your own
you see you lead this life, there's no hands to hold"
so i turn that car around and drive on home
ran up those stairs to greet my mother
only to realize
my mother was gone
open balcony door tells a story of a depressed being who couldn't take no more
she was too late
my mother decided her own fate
took her life
cause handling it...was more that meets the eye

- Aubrey


  1. You better know? Who wants an indecisive chick? Drake doesn'tSMH.

  2. lmaoo. true that.

    just a random flow off my keyboard.

  3. Oh, so do you play keys?

  4. liek piano? no but i really want to.

  5. Oh..ok Bach lol. The piano is cool, but I meant the organ..jk.