Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blurb # 13 - What Happened?

Dear Janelle,

Do you see this face?

what happened to this face?
take a good look at this face.
this face is full of happiness, confidence, no stress. just high spirits.
all this face worried about getting her hair done for school, seeing her friends, being able to bump her space jam CD when she comes home from school, not eating oatmeal and being just as strong as mother.
but now, all this face is filled of is concern, depression, sadness, pain.
not something for a girl of your nature.

you are a strong young girl and you have a whole road ahead of you. don't think about what people think/say of you. don't worry on dudes who can't see the real you or is quick to judge your character. don't stress over stupid boys either, and the ones that show play, then fade away...just let them fade. i know all these things have an impact on your life since you deal with them on a daily basis. school and friends...well maybe two of those friends, plus NLDS, should be your main focuses right now. i know you hate hearing that cause it makes it seem as if you're not focused at all, but we all get side tracked by candy in a store when we know we came for something different. get where i'm going...

the face above is what i miss. the face that had no cares in the world. just picked out things that were interesting and just rolled with it, you know? the girl who had the biggest dreams and believed in everything positive. the one that could hold her own down without anyone messing up her flow.

you know, the old Janelle? The old Jaelissa? The old MISS Scott-Johnson?
bring her back. please?

- Aubrey

P.S. if this is not knowing an aspect of one's self...i don't know what is...