Thursday, May 13, 2010

Access Denied

he tried and tried again, but all he was getting was
access denied
he sent out messages of love and please come back to me, but they were even replied
access denied
burned like acid under the suns heat
he thought that this was the end and that he was finally beat

but no
access denied was a way for him to escape
for him to build his boat and finally sail away.
access denied was a prayer in disguise.
he looked at it as a break free.

while the other party looked at it as a day full of rain and coldness
the other party was taking his "caring" as some sort of boldness
he was trying, fixing, then he began replacing, forgetting
the other party couldn't bare it that they shut down, it was much, something heart breaking
the other party is so fucked that they don't know what do say, words fail them.

since the other party had codes that couldn't be cracked
he's looking at access denied as the best choice

why crack something that isn't willing to open?

- Aubrey

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