Monday, October 11, 2010

Deep Thought...

so i'm laying there. tears linger in my eyes. they do not fall
the floor is cold but from i can make there's a warmth coming from in between my legs.
what's done is done. many times before have a felt this feeling.
am i annoyed by this feeling? no. it's whatever
that's how i'm looking at "this" as a whatever thing
but i shouldn't be...basically what's left of my innocence is on the line here...
they come in all the time. having me feel no ways when in comes down to it now..
i'm out of hormones are basically kinda calm, but ready to bounce...
this is a part of growing up right? just basically brushing off what little girls would make such a big deal over. nahh... not why do i lay on the icy floor, eyes all glossy just feeling this warmth?

i'm in deep thought.

if i got all if it out right now..i think we'd be here for days...

- Aubrey

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