Friday, October 8, 2010

Herself...Is Missing

she sits, in dark with dim, next to nothing light
tears fill her eyes like rain in plain site
she's hurting, never letting go of the pain
she relives it all over again
it can't escape her, if you really think about it it's all she ever knew
abuse, it began to grow, she knows it's true
she wasn't to erase, but she knows this time it isn't paper
and the reason she thinks this all happened is because her blood hates her
it runs threw her, so she leaks it
she can't stand it, so from her soul she bleeps it
for a little while though, but just like snow storm, it comes to brighten her up
this is reality though, what is it doing right now...literally cuttin her up
no one knows the true feelings as to what plays in her insides.
but what more can she do...all she ever does is cry
her friends, hate seeing her like this, but there's little they feel they can do or say
and she can't control herself anymore...anything they say makes her snap this way
she cries till she can't breathe
screams till there's no voice
but her feelings think "does she really have a choice"
everything comes hard, hits her faster then bullets
she thought everything will ease up...until this
she's losing...the battle missing

can anybody out there see her?
cause she can't seem to see herself anymore....

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