Monday, October 4, 2010

Morning Verse...

given up on me. yea i seem to think so.
nothing worst then this low blow
it's a no go, no where to put my words
since basically all my crap is for the birds.
haha. seem to try, seem to figure
nothing feels better right then pullin the trigger
then have it left to linger
on all of your shoulders.
they say "this is just part of life, you're getting older"
ya yea life a game to me. just gotta fight it.
all these wrongs i gotta right them.
all these chains i gotta break them.
all this pain, can you take them?
funny how they're right there but they feel so far away.

guess i'm truly on my own now, no one is ment here to stay...
thanks for giving up on me..

- Hope

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